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Statutory Committees



Chairman of ISI Council (Chairperson)
Director, ISI (Vice-Chairperson)
Director General, CSO
Financial Advisor, MOS & PI
Prof. Amitabha Ghosh, Former Director, IIT Kharagpur, Former Professor, IIT Kanpur, Hony Distinguished Prof. of IIEST
Prof. Partha P. Majumder, National Science Chair, NIBMG
Prof. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti, Professor and Former Director, IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Shekhar C Mande, Former DG, CSIR
Prof. Bharat Ramaswamy, Ashoka University, Haryana
Prof. Debasis Sengupta, ISI, Kolkata
Prof. Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, ISI, Delhi
Prof. B. V. Rajarama Bhat, ISI, Bangalore
Prof. Dipti P. Mukherjee, Dy. Director, ISI (Member-Convener)



Director (Chairperson)
Two Government Representative (MOS&PI)
Government Representative (Ministry of Finance)
Deputy Director, ISI
Prof. Subhamoy Maitra, ISI, Kolkata
Dr. E. V. Gijo, ISI, Bangalore
Prof. Pradipta Bandyopadhyay, ISI, Kolkata
Prof. Subir Ghosh, ISI, Kolkata
Dr. Kuntal Ghosh, ISI, Kolkata
Shri Rabindra Narayan Das, Representative of the General Body in the ISI Council
Dr. Utsav Choudhury
Head, Delhi Centre
Head, Bangalore Centre
Head, Chennai Centre
Chief Executive (A&F)
Shri Amitava Mukherjee, DCE (F) (Convener)


(i) Kolkata

     Professor Anandapran Gupta (Chairperson)
      Dr. Ashis K. Chakraborty (Vice-Chairperson)
      Professor Shashi Mohan Srivastava
      Professor Nabanita Das
      Professor Indranil Dasgupta
      Dr. Sankar Sarkar
      Dr. Bhaskar Sengupta [Expert (Civil)]
      Professor Siddhartha Datta [Expert (Architecture)]
      Shri Asim Sinha [Expert (Electrical)]
      Chief Executive (A&F)
      Shri Swarup Ghara
      Shri Amitava Mukherjee
      In-Charge, EMU
      In-Charge, Engg. Unit (Convener) 

(ii) Delhi

Prof. B. Bhattacharjee, Civil Engineering department, IIT Delhi (Chairman)
Mr. G. K.Taneja, Executive Engineer, IIT Delhi– Expert (Electrical)
Mr. R. Upadhyay, Executive Engineer (Civil), Shri Lal Bahadur National Sanskrit Univ.–
Expert (Civil)
Mr. Madhav Naik (Architect)
Head, ISI Delhi
Prof. Anish Sarkar, ISI Delhi
Prof. Moni Shankar Bishnu , ISI Delhi
Mr. Parama Gogoi, ISI Delhi
Deputy Chief Executive (A), ISI Delhi (Convener) 

(iii) Bangalore

 Prof. S.V. Venkatesh (Chairperson)
 Prof. B.K. Keshavan, External Expert (Electrical Engineering)
 Dr. P. Raghuveer Rao, External Expert (Civil Engineering)
 Head, ISI, Bangalore Centre
 Head, TSMU, ISI, Bangalore or his/her nominee
 Head, DRTC, ISI, Bangalore or his/her nominee
 Head, SQC & OR Unit, ISI, Bangalore or his/her nominee
 Head, SSIU, ISI, Bangalore or his/her nominee
 Sr. Accounts Officer, ISI, Bangalore
 Sr. Administrative Officer, ISI, Bangalore (Convener) 


A) Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Division
            1.          Director                                                                       …          Chairperson
            2.         Professor Tathagata Bandyopadhyay
                          IIM, Ahmedabad
            3.         Professor V.S. Borkar
                          IIT, Mumba
            4.        Professor Saibal Chattopadhyay
                         IIM, Calcutta
            5.         Professor Srikanth K. Iyer
                          Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
            6.        Professor Mahan Mj.
                        TIFR, Mumbai
            7.         Professor Kapil Hari Paranjape
                        IISER, Mohali
           8.        Professor-in-Charge                                                    …          Convener
                      Statistics & Mathematics Division


B) Applied Statistics Division


1.          Director                                                                       …          Chairperson
2.         Professor Rahul Mukherjee
             National Science Chair
             Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
             Phone: 9231686058
3.        Professor Debasis Kundu
           Department of Mathematics and Statistics
           Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
           Phone : 9336208619
4.         Professor R.L. Karandikar
            Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai
            E-mail :,
5.         Professor Veni Madhavan
            Dept. of Computer Science and Automation
            Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
6.         Professor-in-Charge                                                    …          Convener
            Applied Statistics Division

C) Social Sciences Division 

1.          Director                                                                       …          Chairperson
2.        Professor Jyotsna Jalan
           Center for Studies in Social Sciences,
           Kolkata, India.
           Home address: 6 Sunny Park, Flat 18/2, Block C,
           Kolkata - 700019, India.
3.        Professor Sugata Marjit
           Distinguished Professor (and Former VC of Calcutta University),
           Indian Institute of Foreign Trade,
           Kolkata, India.
4.       Professor Arvind Pandey
          Ex-Advisor, ICMR-NIMS & Ex-Director, National Institute of Medical Statistics, ICMR,
          New Delhi, India.
5.        Professor K. S. James
           Director and Sr. Professor,
           International Institute of Population Sciences,
           Mumbai, India.
           E-mail :,
6.       Professor Rajni Palriwala
          Professor (Retired),
          Department of Sociology,
          Delhi University,
          Delhi, India.
          E-mail :,
7.       Professor Girish Nath Jha
          Professor of Computational Linguistics,
          School for Sanskrit and Indic Studies,
         Jawaharlal Nehru University,
         New Delhi, India.
8.       Professor-in-Charge                                                    …          Convener
          Social Sciences Division           
D) Biological Sciences Division


1.          Director                                                                       …          Chairperson
2.         Dr. Anurag Agrawal
            Director, CSIR-IGIB
            Mall Road, New Delhi - 110 007
            Phone no:+91-11-2766 6156/7 Extn: 171; Mobile: +91 98184 51946
3.        Dr. A.R. Sharma
           Director Research
           Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University
          Jhansi 284003, Uttar Pradesh
          Mobile: +91 9425807290
4.       Prof. Gaurangadeb Chattopadhyay
          Department of Statistics
          University of Calcutta
          Mobile: +91 94740 27474
5.      Dr. Giriraj Ratan Chandak
         CSIR- Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad
         Telephone: 040-27192748, 65545333; Mobile: +91 98490 84365
         E-mail id:;
6.      Dr. H. Pathak
         Director, ICAR-National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management (NIASM)
         Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra 413115
         Tel: +91 9899247590, +91 9437325663, +02112 254055
7.      Prof. M.P. Sachdeva
         Department of Anthropology
         University of Delhi
         Mobile: +91 9891165925, +91 7678611055
8.      Professor-in-Charge                                                    …          Convener
         Biological Sciences Division

E) Physics and Earth Sciences Division


1.      Director                                                                       …          Chairperson
2.      Prof. Santanu Banerjee
         Department of Earth Sciences
         IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400076, India
3.     Prof. Suman Chakraborty
        Mechanical Engineering Department
        Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur - 721302, India,
4.     Prof. Archan S. Majumdar
        S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
        JD Block Sector III, Salt Lake
        Kolkata 7000 106
5.    Prof. Manju Mohan
       Centre for Atmospheric Sciences
       India Institute of Technology
       Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016,
6.    Prof. N. V. Chalapathi Rao
       Center for Advanced Study in Geology
       Banaras Hindu University
       Varanasi – 221005, India
7.    Prof. Ashok Sahni
       Emeritus Professor
       Punjab University
       98 Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Lucknow 226001
  8.      Professor-in-Charge                                                    …               Convener
           Physics & Earth Sciences Division 

F)Computer and Communication Sciences Division


1.         Director                                                                       …          Chairperson
2.         Professor P. Nagabhushan
            Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
            IIIT-A, Jhalwa, Allahabad 211 012
            E-mail :,
            Phone No. : 09448051551; 09599185213
3.         Professor Santanu Chaudhury
            Director, IIT Jodhpur
            Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engg.
            IIT, Delhi
            E-mail :,
            Phone No. : 9891266595
4.         Professor Partha P. Chakrabarti
            Dept. of Computer Science & Engg.
            IIT, Kharagpur
            E-mail :
5.         Dr. Pijushkanti Panigrahi
            Professor and Dean
            Dept. of Library & Information Science
            University of Calcutta
            E-mail :
6.         Professor Pallab Dasgupta
            Dept. of Computer Science & Engg.
            IIT, Kharagpur 721 302
            E-mail :
            Phone No. : 03222 283470 
7.         Professor Jaikumar Radhakrishnan
            School of Technology and Computer Science
            Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
            Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai 400005
            E-mail: Jaikumar Radhakrishnan<>
8.         Professor Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
            Dept. of Computer Science &amp; Automation
            Indian Institute of Science
            Bangalore 560 012
            E-mail :
            Phone No. : 080-2293-2468, Ext. : 240
9.         Professor-in-Charge                                                    …          Convener
            Computer & Communication Sciences Division
G) Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research Division
1.        Director                                                                       …          Chairperson
2.       Professor Debasis Kundu
          Indian Institute of Technology
          E-mail :
3.       Professor Saibal Chattopadhyay
          Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
          E-mail :
4.       Mr. Rajaram Majali
          Director-Demand Planning
          Customer Support-Supply Chain
          HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd.
          Olympia Tech Park, Citius, 8th Floor
          No. 1, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Guindy
          Channai 600 020
          Ph. No. : 9840573363
          E-mail :
5.       Dr. Surinder Singh
          JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research
          Ph. No. : 9953703013/9901351360
          E-mail :
6.       Head, SQC & OR Division                                          …          Convener


H) Library, Documentation and Information Science Division

1.       Director                                                                       …          Chairperson
2.       5. Dr. Anand T. Byrappa
          Librarian & Head
         J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library (JRDTML)
         Gulmohar Marg
         Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
         C.V. Raman Road, Bengaluru - 560012
         Karnataka, India
         E-mail :,
       14 SatsangVihar Marg 
       Spl. Institutional Area,  New Delhi 110 067
3.     Dr. K. Rama Patnaik
        Indian Institute of Management
        Bannerghatta Road
        Karnataka, India
        E-mail :
4.    Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya
       Professor AcSIR| Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research
       Chief Scientist (CSIR-NISTADS)
       Editor-in-Chief , The Journal of Scientometric Research
       14, K.S. Krishnan Marg, Pusa Campus,
       New Delhi-110012
       Tel: +91-11-25843024; Mob: 09999020157
5.    Dr. Venkat Srinivasan
       Archives, National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)
       Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
       GKVK Campus, Bellary Road, Bangalore - 560065
       Karnataka, India.
       Ph: +91-80-2366-6011
6.  Chief Librarian                                                                …          Convener


(i) Statistics

                Director or his/her nominee (Chairperson)
                Dean of Studies or his/her nominee
                Siva Athreya
                Atanu Biswas
                Arijit Chakraborty
                Kiranmoy Das
                Saurabh Ghosh
                Krishanu Maulik
                Tapas Samanta
                Anish Sarkar
                Anil K. Ghosh (Convener) 


(ii) Mathematics

             Director or his/her nominee (Chairperson)
             Dean of Studies or his/her nominee
             B.V. Rajarama Bhat
             Arup Bose
             Mahuya Datta
            Arup K. Pal
            Rahul Roy
            Swagata K. Roy
            Jaydeb Sarkar
            Maneesh Thakur
            Parthanil Roy
            Mrinal K. Das (Convener) 

(iii)  Computer Science

 Director or his/her nominee (Chairperson)
 Dean of Studies or his/her nominee
 Subhamoy Maitra
 Sandip Das
Ansuman Banerjee
Swagatam Das
Sarbani Palit
Debrup Chakraborty
Koushik Kumar Majumdar
Pradipta Maji (Convener)

(iv) Quantitative Economics Director or his/her nominee (Chairperson)

Director or his/her nominee (Chairperson)
Dean of Studies or his/her nominee
Tarun Kabiraj
Manipushpak Mitra
Prabal Roy Chowdhury
Madhura Swaminathan
Debasis Mishra
Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay
Indraneel Dasgupta (Convener) 

(v) QR & OR

 Director or his/her nominee (Chairperson)
Dean of Studies or his/her nominee
Samir K. Neogy
G. Ravindran
Arup Ranjan Mukhopadhyay
Prasun Das
Md. Zafar Anis
Sushanta Kumar Gauri
Anup Dewanji
Sumitra Purkayastha
Dipak K. Manna (Convener)

Board of Trustees of ISI Contributory Provident Fund

           Prof. TSSRK Rao (Chairperson)
           Dr. Deba Prasad Mandal
           Dr. Partha P. Mohanta

Board of Management of ISI General Provident Fund

           Prof. TSSRK Rao (Chairperson)
           Prof. Mahuya Dutta
           Dr. Zafar Anis
           Dr. Partha De
           Nominee of Head, Delhi Centre
           Nominee of Head, Bangalore Centre
Two Scientists Co-opted by the Council
          Prof. Dipendra Prasad, IIT, Mumbai
          Prof. Usha Vijay Raghavan, IISc, Bangalore