Circulars & Orders


CAF /6-8a /21 Adoption of MACP New Centre R.C. Bose Centre for Cryptology and Security
D.O. Contribution to Medical Insurance Travel  
D.O. Policy decision of the benevolent fund disbursement CAF /3-6 T.A. Rules - Implementation of 6 CPC
F&A Payments made to Non Resident Indian CAF /22-3 Air Travel on Official Account
CAF /O.L ./(1) Official Language Act & Rule - Qtly. Progress Report CAF /2-2 Journeys by private airlines (LTC)
CAF /O.L. /(1) Nomination of Staff-member to do the work  of Hindi CAF /2-2-5D Relaxation of travel by air to visit N.E.R. (LTC)
D.O. Service Tax applicable with Registration Fees D.O. Travel Grants & Air Tickets
CAF /2-2-9 Merge Disbursement Locations D.O. Policies supporting Student Travel
CAF /O.L. /(10) /Cir. Use of O.L. Hindi   Air fare not permitted for Students & Research Scholars from Plan Budget. 
CAF /O.L. /(1) /Cir. Annual Prog. 15-16 of transacting Official Work in. Hindi Hire Car  
CAF /O.L. /(9) /Cir. Use of Official Language Hindi- Annual Evaluation Report CAF /15-1 Rate contract of hired vehicle
CAF /O.L. /(9) /Cir. Uploading of Proforma for all Hindi Reports NPS Committee   
CAF /24-7 Conferences / Workshops organised by ISI D.O. Consultation Committee of NPS
E-Governance    Ethics Committee   
D.O. /2016 E-governance monitoring Committee of ISI D.O. /2015 Protection of research risks to Humans
Telephone    Honorarium  
D.O. Telephone Reimbursement  Facility D.O. For External Experts
Leave   Loan  
D.O. Guidelines for Non-Statutory Leave Rules CAF /3-14 Purchase of Motor Cycle
Consultancy  Rule   CAF /3-14 Purchase of Motor Cycle Corrigendum
D.O. Consultancy Projects by Scientific Workers/ Faculty CAF /13-2(B) Purchase of PC by the employees
Promotion   Recruitment  
D.O. Faculty & Equivalent Category (Guidelines) D.O./2017/110 Recruitment Rules for Faculty Members 
Purchase    Salary  
D.O. Place Purchase Indents within January CAF/6-8 Annual Increment, CCS(RP)
D.O. Rate contract with HP India for all HP cartridges Asset  
D.O./2015 New Rate contract 2015 for all HP cartridges D.O. ASSET REGISTER / VERIFICATION
D.O. Purchase of Books, Journals etc for CPDA. Advertisements  
D.O./2015 Guidelines for use of CPDA CAF/2-2-1 Newspapers empanelled with DAVP
D.O. Purchase other items Medical  
  Computer Purchase through committee  D.O. Reimbursement of outdoor medical expenses
Children Education     CGHS OM No.4-18/2005-C&F
CAF/2-1-4 Grant of Children Education Assistance (CEA)   Group Medical Insurance Policy
CAF/2-1-4 CEA - Clarification  CAF/16-2 Spl. diseases allowed for treatment of Retired Workers
Pension   CAF/3-11 Introduction of Child Care Leave (CLL)
O.M. no. C14/ Revised rate of DR from 1 January 2016 CAF/3-11 CLL in respect of 6-CPC - Clarification
O.M. no. C518 D.R. to the Recipients of Ex-gratia payment Attendance  
Software   D.O./2015 New Attendance  recording system of ISI
D.O./2015 Not to use any pirated software in the Institute Student  
Income Tax   D.O. Stipends & Contingency
CAF/2-2-6 Special Exemption u/s 80EE of I.T. act Circular Training to a candidate from other Institute
Service Tax      
D.O. For Seminar/Workshop/Conference/Training